The Enabling Female Migrant Entrepreneurs (EMINENT) project brings together partners and experts from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The project aims to increase the number of female migrant entrepreneurs by transforming their access to and the quality of, the training they receive from entrepreneurship institutions.

The first stage of the project has been to develop a Compendium of Good Practice, presenting experience of engaging with women from minority groups and culturally appropriate and effective pedagogical techniques. In order to achieve this, each partner looked at support for migrants in their geographical area, support for female entrepreneurs and whether there was any ‘focused’ intervention for female migrants. Each partner carried out desk and field research to get a better understanding of barriers to enterprise among the specific group.

Click the link below to read our in-depth findings and recommendations (85 pages of content), from this in-depth study on female migrants entrepreneurship and the key barriers faced, by this demographic.