You have founded a company or are currently writing your business plan and are thinking about how your company should actually do its advertising? After all, you are just starting out and don’t have endless money, especially for marketing expenses. However, marketing is important to attract new customers and increase your sales. In the following blog post you will learn how you can do good and targeted marketing despite little money.


However, one thing up at the beginning: Low Budget Marketing doesn’t cost much or even any money, but it is much more time-consuming to achieve success. Because you have to constantly look for opportunities to present your company, maintain contacts and, above all, keep using your creativity – that takes time.




When it comes to Low Budget Marketing, creativity is what you need. The important thing is to keep your eyes open all the time looking for good opportunities for free or cheap advertising. Analyse opportunities and come up with ways to use them to promote your company, your brand and to attract new customers. Of course, you can get inspiration both online and offline. Creativity will run through all your marketing activities, whether it’s social media, print advertising or collaborations – it’s not the big budget that matters, but how creatively you can implement advertising.


Social Media


Social media channels are free. So why not be present on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn? With work and time, your business can create a beautiful feed on Instagram that attracts followers with its interesting and creative (here we go again) posts. It is important not only to present your product or service to your followers and potential followers under the mantra “buy it”, but to create an interesting world full of facts and fun and exciting things.

In addition to your free accounts, it is also possible to place advertisements via social media. This is not that expensive on a small scale. Just make sure that you set a fixed amount so that the costs are always limited. It is also important to specify the target group as precisely as possible. If only 100 people see your advertisement, you want these 100 people to fit perfectly into your target group. However, you can set these filters very precisely.




On the one hand, you can blog on your own website. But you can also look for blogs that report on your industry or the type of product or service you offer. Here it would be a good idea to write a guest post. So ask such blogs if they would be interested in collaborating with you. If it goes well, it’s a win-win situation, because you get a platform and the blog gets more content.




Collaborations can help you expand your reach. There are various forms of cooperation. On the one hand, you can cooperate with individuals who present your product or service as ambassadors. Influencers usually have a large reach on social media. Collaborations are different depending on their number of followers. Big influencers with a lot of reach often get a lot of money in addition to the products, while small influencers are happy to enter into first collaborations. So if you search thoroughly and invest time, you will find ambassadors who think your business is great and want to support it through their range. Of course, these ambassadors will get your products for free to try it.

You can also cooperate with other companies. For example, if you produce special organic jam and have come across a company in your town that sells organic sauces, why not sell a product bundle at Christmas that benefits both companies? As you can see, your creativity is needed here too!


In conclusion, marketing doesn’t always have to cost a lot. There are no limits and if you think creatively and actively look for ways to advertise, you will gain brand awareness and increase your turnover through new customers.