The EMINENT project is now well underway and the European Partners have been working hard to carry out research and engage with local stakeholders in each of their respective countries, to help us create our Intellectual Output 1, A Good Practice Compendium.  The purpose of the Compendium is to establish:

  • Best practice from community organisations, business trainers and the migrants themselves
  • What support is available for female migrants, who are interested in starting their own business, across Europe
  • How best to engage and attract this client group and the nuances of this engagement
  • The obstacles this client group face to start their business

It will serve as a research support for the project in developing Intellectual Output 2, The EMINENT Curriculum and Classroom Course, ensuring this development provides a pathway to support female migrants, into successfully launching their own venture.  The Compendium is now close to draft stage and we hope to share it with you all, during the Summer of 2020.